Error_log formating

Hello Everyone,

I need to be able to have access to live logs, so what I have done 

applied the syslog patch, which works wonderfully, but there is only
problem. While I am able to customize the access_log format, the
error_log format is non-customizable from what I can tell so far. I have
set nginx up to log to syslog, which then sends the syslog records to a
logging server. The logging server (rsyslog) then inserts the log into
the database.

The default way that rsyslog puts log entries into the database is 

just inefficient. I am creating a custom table which stores the custom
combined access_log format I have specified in my nginx.conf, but when
it comes to error logs, I seen unable to do this. In fact, I seem to be
unable to find any information on what format is used for error logging
so that I can work on a way of parsing it.

Can anyone help provide information to help resolve this? I need to 

find a way to either customize the error_log format, figure out a way to
parse it in SQL, or if anyone else can suggest something, I would
appreciate it.


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Never mind guys, I found a work around. But honestly, this would be a
really nice feature to add. Having the ability to customize the error
log would be really handy.


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