Error -- intel_do_flush_locked with V3.6.1git on Ubuntu 12.04 (addition)

I like make an addition to my last observation with Gnuradio V 3.6.1git
on Ubuntu 12.04

when I started the fcd_nbfm.grc direct on the Ubuntu12.04, I got the
already mentioned error after shortly opening the window and a few
hundred milliseconds of sound…

When I contact via ssh -C -X from my opensuse 11.4
machine, the start of gnuradio-companion brings the window to the
opensuse-machine-desktop (as expected).
Starting the fcd_nbfm.grc opens the window and sound is on the
ubuntu-machine (as expected).

But there is no spectrum view – and when I made some other test there
is no oscilloscope view inside the window.

This leads me to the conclusion:
there is an incompatibility between these two X11 implementations or a
missing library on the ubuntu-machine
in addition to this: it could be a solution for the error, when i tried
to work on the ubuntu-machine?

Does anybody made similar observations?

Any helpful advices are very welcome to reduce or solve the problem.