Error, in my store provider


Let me explain the subject title, store provider is Hackey, he’s a NPC
that sells items to my users.

Welcome to Hackey's!


<% for items in @items -%> <% temp12 = Item.find(items.item_id) -%> <% end -%>
<%= %> <%= @temp12.add_atk %> <%= @temp12.add_def %> <%= @temp12.sell %>
It doesn't like Item.find(items.item_id) BTW: the table is called hackey, so maybe it dosn't like the items in @items but, I don't know what to put, how does it plurlize that? in my model I set set_table_name "hackey".


Okay 1 more q. How do I delete that row?


I’m not sure exactly whether Item.find(items.item_id) isn’t working - I
would check /logs/development.log to see what SQL is being generated.

In your code, you assign the result of Item.find to “temp12” but later
reference it as “@temp12” - these are separate variables, and you should
drop the “@” in the later references.

I’ve also got a couple more suggestions - first, you can use Item.find
return a collection of items, so that you don’t have to call Item.find
every iteration of your loop. Also, it might be easier/make more sense
use the rails convention of having “id” be the name of your primary
column, rather than “item_id”. Finally, “temp12” is a pretty
name, you can probably come up with a better one :slight_smile: