Error in creating a block

I created a block named ‘costas’. But it showing the error as in
screenshot attached. what is the problem with this? thanks for your

Hi Vishwanatha,
we already talked about this:
Did something change?
Did my instructions help you or are there still problems you encountered
and could not solve?

Best regards,

Yes it was and I succeeded in that. But now I’m getting another threat
in screenshot attached. thanks

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 1:48 PM, Marcus Müller [email protected]


the error tells you about the problem. I’ll have to rely on your ability
to interpret that error. You might find things that you don’t
understand, and it’s fine if you then write an email with a sufficient
description of the problem you’re having. For now, you only give us a
screenshot and hope that we somehow gained telepathic abilities – this
won’t work; I’ll have to ask you to read
and follow the instructions there closely.

A very important line here is
"…Use your judgment of how much code to include; ", because that might
help us here (and more importantly, it might help you pin down the error
first yourself).

Best regards,