Error for second Drag in IE

first: sorry by my inglish :slight_smile:

I have in one side a list and in the other a table (2 columns and many
I need to drag one item from the list and drop it in any of all the td’s
on the table. In every ‘td’ of the second’s columns there is a ‘div’,
which is dropable and dragable(to revert changes). Well…in firefox
works! but in IE I pick an item from the list drop it on the table and
if I try with other, IE returns me an error:

line: 3082
character: 7
error: unespecified
code: 0

Here is my code, these are two parcial’s:

------------------------ list ---------------------

Campos de Tipo Archivo

    <% for campo in @campos_disponibles -%>
  • <%= campo.nombre.humanize %> <%= h(campo.tipo_de_dato.nombre.capitalize) %>
  • <%= draggable_element "#{dom_id(campo)}", :revert => false %> <% end %>

-------------------- table ------------------------------

<% for mapa_item in @mapa_items %>
  <%= drop_receiving_element "div_#{dom_id(mapa_item)}",
  :url => { :action => "agregar_relacion", :mapa_item => mapa_item

:accept => “#{dom_class(Campo)}”

<% end %>

<%= h(mapa_item.nombre) %>
<%= mapa_item.campo.nil? ? "Arrastre un campo hasta aqui..." : mapa_item.campo.nombre.humanize -%>
<%= draggable_element "div_#{dom_id(mapa_item)}", :revert => false %>

In other place on the application I use the Drag&Drop between list’s and
works in both (FF and IE), I need this structure for the purpose that
Ou!, the problems is from the list to the table, from the table to the
list I can do it all the times I want.
Some opinion?

Juan M. Repetti