ERROR for : gem install rails --include-dependencies

Hi ,

Iam new to ruby and compiling ruby-1.8.6 on HPUX11i . Iam not able to
compile it on HPUX :

Compiled without pthread :

Compilation of ruby and gem went smoothly(without pthread), but while
installing rails using gem Iam getting the below error:

ERROR: While executing gem … (Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError)
getaddrinfo: host nor service provided, or not known(SocketError)

I found is having getaddrinfo undef .
After compiling it with getaddrinfo , It asking for thread support.
Hence I tried to compile ruby with pthread while compilation Iam struck
up with below error:

ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/shellwords.rb:30:in shellwords': Argument must be a string (ArgumentError) from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse/shellwords.rb:6 from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:350:incall’
from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:350:in conv_arg' from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:454:inparse’
from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:1259:in parse_in_order' from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:1247:incatch’
from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:1247:in parse_in_order' from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:1241:inorder!’
from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:1332:in permute!' from ruby/ruby-1.8.6/lib/optparse.rb:1353:inparse!’
from ./ext/extmk.rb:258:in `parse_args’
from ./ext/extmk.rb:293
gmake: *** [all] Error 1

Any help in solving above error would be a great help to me. Please let
me know can I compile ruby without pthread support.

Thanks in advance,