Error code 0xf

Dear all,

I have increased the buffer frame size from 1472 to 4096 bytes. Than I
started my grc application and got the following message:
recv buffer smaller than vrt packet offset. UHD source block got error
code 0xf.
Can somebody help me?

Hello A.B.!
For the error code, I shall refer you to the UHD source code:
And thus I saw:
Apparently, you receive bad packets. A quick “git grep ‘vrt packet
offset’” led to host/lib/transport/super_recv_packet_handler.hpp in the
UHD source tree. I guess it really just checks whether your receive
buffer is large enough to contain your header; how that could happen
beats me.
Maybe if you elaborate on when and how you increased which buffer size,
things could clear up.
I think follow-ups should be on [email protected], however, so
I’ll crosspost this reply there, please sign up for that list.


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