Error and fix for Styles N Scripts extension and/or in Radiant

I had to add the following line (@ line 12) to the
styles_n_scripts_extension.rb file to prevent radiant 0.6.7 from
throwing when visiting the extensions page.

11: description “Adds CSS and JS file management to Radiant”
12: url “”
14: define_routes do |map|

Radiant could not show the list of installed extensions unless styles
n script listed a url. I think radiant should handle this better, but
styles n script extension should add an appropriate value.



That has been resolved in edge.


@Jason - I have been doing things this way for a while in my other
extensions and never had any problems. I remember checking it with SnS
when I first built it with 0.6.6. too. That said, I like your approach
better and will go with that in the future. Thanks for the head up – I
doubt I would have checked the extensions page for a long time.

@Sean - you guys are so on the ball. Thanks for all the work.


Actually, it was someone else who submitted the patch ;). But you’re
welcome anyway.