Errno::EBADF Bad file descriptor - connect(2)


my application was working fine till the day before yesterday. but
its not working since yesterday suddenly, don’t know why. some pages are
visible but where i’m posting something, those pages show the
“Errno::EBADF Bad file descriptor - connect(2)” error.i’m also using
net/http. can anybody help me in this? i’m using rails 1.2.6 on winXP.
thanks in advance.


at what file this case is stoped? I mean i need to see complete error

or you can go here :

It seems like your proxy in trouble.

or you can re install your rails
gem install rails --source

Good Luck
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thanks for the quickest reply Reinhart, i found the cause for this
prb just after few minutes i posted this and i was about to reply to my
own post :D. thr was a link hard coded in a file which was pointing to a
dead end. i just changed that and the appl started working fine again.
Thanks anyways… :slight_smile: