Eroor when i launch visual ruby


when i try to launch visual ruby i have these error

Gtk-WARNING **:Theme parsing error: gtk-main.css:69:33: Failed to
import: Произошла ошибка при открытии файла: Нет такого файла или
`require’: Typelib file for namespace ‘GtkSource’ (any version) not
found (GLib::Error)

how i can fix this?



I’m not sure what that error means. Does it have more at the bottom,
perhaps with line numbers etc? Please post the entire error, maybe that
will help.

It might be having trouble loading gtksourceview3. Try manually
installing it like so:

gem install gtk3
gem install gtksourceview3

It seems to be complaining about GtkSource which is a part of

I uploaded a new gem, so you can try it too:

gem install visualruby

Let me now if any of this helps.