Erik Kastner to join D.A. Black in "Advancing With Rails"

Hi everyone –

I am extremely pleased to announce that Erik Kastner will be joining
me in Edison, New Jersey, August 18-21, as co-instructor for the
training course “Advancing With Rails”. This will be the first time
that the course has been taught by two people, and it’s going to be

“Advancing With Rails” is a course for intermediate Rails developers
who want to make the next push in their Ruby and Rails skills. The
course is based on each student developing their own application, as
well as presentations, coaching, and live code demos by the
instructors. It’s the perfect course for you and/or your co-workers,
employees, and friends who are ready to get to the next level of skill
and understanding.

The course will be hosted at the training facilities of Exceed
Education. For more details and registration info, see (Erik’s name isn’t there yet but it
will be :slight_smile:

And let me know if you have any questions. See you there!