ERB in layouts snippets or pages

What do you expert Radiant + Rails app developers do to display embedded
ruby in your layouts, snippets, or pages?

I’m using the rails_support extension and want to display some program
variables in my layout, like the logged in user and his role.


I don’t care for it, but there is the “backdoor” extension which allows
ERb inside Radiant pages. Most often I find the seeming need for ERb
represents one or more of these situations:

  1. The user isn’t familiar enough existing tags or with manipulating the
    content structure.
  2. A few new tags could fulfill the need very easily.
  3. What is really wanted is a custom controller that has its own logic
    and views.

For example, you could wrap the “process_page” method in SiteController
so that it assigns the current_user onto the page that is being
rendered, then access that variable from some Radius tags.


I have no idea why I found the following post after I posted this
Looks like this should do the trick.