EOTS v0.0.2 allows HTML in labels and captions

EOTS (Email Of The Species), the Ruby on Rails gem for easily
declaring your email types and their fields, is now at version 0.0.2,
and now allows HTML in labels and captions. (Just be aware, these
should therefore be hardcoded in an initializer, never using stored
user input!) Rubygems info is athttps://rubygems.org/gems/eots , code
is athttps://github.com/davearonson/eots , and a site that uses it
(mine) athttp://www.Codosaur.us (but please don’t send me emails just
to test it).

Dave A., consulting software developer of Codosaur.us,
PullRequestRoulette.com, Blog.Codosaur.us, and Dare2XL.com.