Envjs rubygem 0.1.4

envjs rubygem version 0.1.4 has been released!

The envjs rubygem is a port of the env.js project based on the Johnson
gem. The env.js project provides a mostly pure javascript implementation
of the browser environment (e.g., the HTML DOM objects). More details on
env.js are available at GitHub - thatcher/env-js: A pure-JavaScript browser environment..

The original target of env.js was the Rhino javascript interpreter
written in Java. The envjs gem uses the SpiderMonkey interpreter written
in C/C++ via the Johnson gem.

The 0.1 release branch of the envjs gem is not integrated with the Java
version. The 1.0 release branch is expected to be.

To install envjs, you may need to manually install a prerelease of the
johnson gem, e.g.,

gem install johnson --prerelease

Simple examples are in the README at GitHub - smparkes/env-js: A pure-JavaScript browser environment with early rubygem support..

This release represents a significant refactoring of the scope
mechanisms used in env.js. The result is a significant increase in
speed. A number of memory leaks were also fixed. Thanks to the great
tests included with capybara, a number of DOM and event issues were also
fixed,. This version of env.js is compatible with the capybara env.js
driver support in git://github.com/smparkes/capybara.git.