Environment Question

I’ve been playing around with RoR for a bit now, and am starting to
really get my head around it. Now that I’m starting to feel comfortable
with Ruby and Rails I’m trying to learn a little more about deployment,
and am hitting a problem. It’s probably something dumb, but the Agile
Rails (2ed) book’s chapter on deployment doesn’t answer my question, so
I’m hoping someone here can point out what I’m doing wrong.

On my machine, I’m running Lighttpd instead of WEBrick, so to move to
“production” (I’m not really going to production, just trying to learn
the process), I changed the lighttpd.conf config file to point to
production rather than development. The production listing in
database.yml points to a different, currently empty database.

I start the server, then run

rake db:migrate

Which runs against the development database, sees that everything is as
it should be, and makes no changes. When I navigate to my application
through the web browser, I get a 500 error.

I’ve also tried starting with “-e production” even though that’s not
supposed to do anything with lighttpd, and the result is the same.

If I change the lighttpd config file back to “development”, it works
fine again (but of course, it’s not what I want).

I was getting desperate, so since you prepare the test database by doing

rake db:test:prepare

I figured I’d try

rake db:production:prepare

and then

rake db:prod:prepare

but those just gave an error.

Can anyone tell me what I’m not doing or what I’m doing wrong? I’m sure
it’s a really boneheaded thing - some obvious step I’m forgetting or
something, but I’m hornswaggled as to what it is and would really
appreciate some help.

Thanks much,

Okay, sorry - after some more googling, I found my own answer. I needed
to do:

rake migrate RAILS_ENV=production