Entire Rails App Loaded Into Memory?

Hey everyone, I recently launched a product catalog website built on
Rails and today I made a change to the app, uploaded the changes and
nothing happened.

I made sure that my files on the server were the lastest by opening
them using ssh.

So I thought it was a caching issue. I hadn’t created any caches but I
figured that Rails might have some kind of caching engine on a
production environment. I looked around and couldn’t find any cache

So I figured I’d test my cache issue theory by making a change
manually to the db and see if it is refreshed or ignored.
Surprisingly, the database change was reflected in my app but my app
didn’t change. Basically my simple change was to display the price of
the product when displaying a list of products. The name of the
product changed (manual change in the db) but the price didn’t show

So I figured I’d try to restart my mongrel cluster… and that worked.
So I was trying to figure out why that would be… and then I remember
thinking… why is this mongrel server taking up 92 mb of my RAM on
the server… and thats when it occured to me… maybe the entire web
app is loaded into the mongrel server.

Now I could be totally off base and there could be another reasonable
explanation… so I figured I’d ask.

Does anyone know if this is actually what happens?

~ mel

If you start your mongrel server in production mode all the code is
into memory. After making code changes do restart the server.