Enterprise and Legacy Database support


I ran a Birds-Of-a-Feather (BOF) session at
RailsConf2007 on this subject on Thursday
evening. It was enthusiastically received,
and the attendees were keen to continue
communicating and collaborating. We decided
to form a new mailing list on Yahoo, which
has now been done.

If you’re interested in helping fix the issues
with Rails’ support for existing databases
or enterprise schemas, you should consider
joining us at


My notes and those taken by Keith Smith and
Jordan Duggan are posted as a message and as
a file on the Yahoo site.

I’ve discussed the areas with Koz (of the core
team), and he’s indicated that there should
be no problems getting sufficient support
in the form of frozen hook APIs etc, so we
should be able to make good progress.

Thanks for your attention, and do please
consider getting involved in making Rails as
much of a killer in the Enterprise as it is
already in the public internet sphere.

There were enterprise Rails issues mentioned
other than database support ones, including
deployment under IIS and UI widget library
support. Because this was not the focus of the
BOF, and is not the primary focus of this
group, I’ll leave those issues to be raised again
by whomever in interested. There wasn’t much
discussion of them anyway. If the volume of
messages in the new forum later justifies it,
the discussions on these related topics can be
taken off-line or to a new list.

Clifford H., list owner, BOF organiser,
[email protected], and author of
ActiveFacts (see RubyForge or my site)