Enkodertags extension problem

I ran into a problem yesterday with the enkodertags extension not
displaying properly and I meant to post to the list, but instead I
inadvertently emailed Sean S. directly. He was quick to help and
pointed out that the textile filter was probably endcoding the html
created by the tag. I wanted to share my solution here and ask a
question to further both my knowledge of radiant’s structure and
offer a fix for Sean’s extension. I’ll post my email with Sean in
it’s entirety below.

The fix as of now is to wrap the enkoder tag with
<r:enkoder_mailto … /> in my page part.
What immediately jumped out at me is that enkodertags should be
looking for the textile filter and adding the tags
itself. it would happen at the very end of the enkode_it method just
before the result is passed back. The question is, what to check
for? Can I check for the filter type of the page part or snippet
from within the Enkoder object?

Here’s the original post that should have come to the list. Thanks
for the help Sean.

is the page part’s filter status available to a tag in an extension
called from that page part?