Enhancement request - gnuradion-companion only opens one properties dialog at a time

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John B,

Might be worth considering. In the meantime perhaps you can use a text
editor to copy parameters from one block/GRC file to the other (they’re
just XML).


On 12/07/2013 12:30 AM, John Blommers wrote:

In gnuradio-companion, from time to time, it becomes necessary to
copy and paste the parameters from one block to another blocks

In case this helps: you can copy and paste blocks in the flowgraph
editor, and all parameters will be duplicated into the copy. -josh

On Fri, Dec 06, 2013 at 09:30:13PM -0800, John Blommers wrote:

As an enhancement to gnuradio-companion, might this feature be added to the
would-be-nice list please?


you can edit the wiki page yourself. If you feel like this is something
you’d like to code yourself, put your name behind it. Otherwise,
that the GRC “wish list” page is no guarantee that someone will
volunteer to implement a feature, it is meant to be a centralized place
to collect ideas and mark who’s working on what.


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