Engines SVN repository move


The rails engines SVN repository has now officially moved from its old
location on the OpenSVN servers to:


Please update your SVN externals appropriately, as the continued
existence of the old repository is now NOT guaranteed.

Engines plugin (official):
Engines plugin (for Edge rails):
http://svn.rails-engines.org/engines/trunk # read the README!!
Login Engine: http://svn.rails-engines.org/plugins/login_engine
User Engine: http://svn.rails-engines.org/plugins/user_engine

For more information about the repository layout, please check here:


At the end of this week, the
http://opensvn.csie.org/rails_engines/plugins branch (i.e. the one
that the script/plugin command would’ve used) will be removed to
prevent any new users from installing from that repository. The tagged
versions will remain, but no new versions will be committed.

If you are using SVN externals, or even just an SVN checkout of any of
the rails engines, please update from new repository. This could be as
simple as noting your current SVN url and replacing the site and
initial directory, i.e.

==> http://svn.rails-engines.org/engines/tags/rel_1.0.6

You may also want to unsource the old repository to stop script/plugin
searching there (it’s a waste of time):

script/plugin unsource http://opensvn.csie.org/rails_engines/ #
with or without the trailing slash

Apologies for any inconvenience this might cause - as always the first
port of call for information is the main site:


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Is there any hope for getting the DateBox engine to work properly with
official (non-edge) release of engines? Even with the latest revisions
the non edge branch, I still get the date_box method not found error
everything has been properly configured.