Engines Rule!

Seriously. Between basic plugins and full-fledged engines, we’ve got
all the modularity we need… now if we could get some agreement in
between ActiveRBAC and ModelSecurity… :slight_smile:

Yo, a bit late, sorry, been busy:

ModelSecurity: we want it. I tried to talk to bruce perens, he wasn’t
rude but he didn’t open right up, either - so I think we’ll end up
taking the ModelSecurity ideas & code and running with it. Bruce -
correct me if I’m wrong, hey, hopefully so.

I’m just catching up on the whole engines mushroom cloud, and dhur,
sorry, what do people not LOVE about this idea? It was nearly the
entire point of binarycloud, so it’s exactly what I’m looking for. I
read this:


And I think it’s extremely polite and nice and the point of view of a
man building applications for a products company, not a client
services company :slight_smile: Also - if you have an idea for a web app, say a
newfangled social-pizza-ordering app with lots of AJAX - your ‘core
idea’ rarely includes an authentication and authorization system,
credit card processing layer, and all the other mundane crap you need
to build it right?. What you need to support those core ideas are
“best practices” components that you know to be tried and true, that
have views, and in some cases even have their own CSS and images.

ActiveRBAC, for example. (yay!) https://activerbac.turingstudio.com
Standard Payment tools (Tobias pretty much has this)
Embeddable Typo!
Embeddable Forums!
Embeddable Gallery!

etc… everyone that is currently putting out full-rails-apps might
be able to make them accessible in a way that they can be used
everywhere for all kinds of projects. Fantastic!

So! ENGINES RULE! I will be reading more, and saying more.

Also, a big public thanks to Tobias (you rule): he is helping very
much with our efforts to expand ActiveMerchant with support for
TrustCommerce, who is sponsoring our development (which will be
released MIT), free for all…

If you need a good US credit card processor and would like to use
ActiveMerchant + TrustCommerce, let me know… and if you call
TrustCommerce about this be nice and tell them I sent you - I don’t
work for them, I just like them, and I HATE verisign, those evil



alex black, founder
the turing studio, inc.

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2600 10th street, suite 635
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