Engines on the move


Hi all,

In the next few days or so, the engines SVN repository is going to be
moving from the (excellent) opensvn hosts to their own server,
http://dev.rails-engines.org/svn/. The repository is mirrored there at
the moment, but eventually this will become the primary location for
development, and where ‘script/plugin’ will download from. There’s no
need to switch your copies quite yet, however, I’ll post again when
the ‘official’ switch happens.

What I would like to know is if anyone has any preferences over the
bug tracking software we use. I have both Trac and Collaboa running at
the moment, and I’m leaning towards Collaboa, purely in terms of
hackability given it’s written in Ruby. However, if anyone can make a
strong case for either, I’d definitely like to know.

  • James

  • J *


I vote for Collaboa for hackability reasons.



No preference really here James. I will say I haven’t been a big fan
of trac for the little bit that I’ve used it. It just doesn’t seem to
‘work’ in the whole scheme of things. But, I’ve never used Collaboa
either so I’m not sure if its really any better (in my view).



If you can be a bit more specific about it not ‘working’, we might be
able to see about the suitability of Collaboa - which, incidentally,
models itself on Trac quite heavily in terms of the fundamental
entities and so on.

Maybe you can suggest something else?

  • james

On 2/28/06, Nick S. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:

  • J *


I don’t if I’m a good canidate to give a detailed description on its
issues as I haven’t used it enough. I’m most familiar with bugzilla
(go figure) and JIRA for other projects I’ve used. With JIRA being
the one I actually prefered over bugzilla. Maybe once I get using
either of these systems I’ll come around (maybe).

If anything I would say collaboa if its based of trac for the reason
being that its done in ruby. Trac is done in python correct?



+1 for Collaboa. The interface just look so much nicer :slight_smile:


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I also prefer Collaboa as it is just much simpler, cleaner and easier to

The two big things that trac has going for it are the wiki and reports.
with with the existing wiki at rails-engines.org that’s less of an
And the filters on the “Tickets” page does a nice job of dealing with
in the way that trac reports do.

Simplicity, to me, is always preferable if you get everything you really