Engines layout/helper problem



So I finally decided to start playing around with Rails Engines.
After getting my initial controller problem solved (and I see it’s
fixed in the 1.0.3 release), I have run into another issue which is
giving me a headache.

When I hit my default controller (app/controllers/home_controller.rb)
everything works fine. I get my default layout and my helpers work.

When I hit my engine controller
(vendor/plugins/daub_engine/app/controllers/daub_test_controller.rb) I
get my view (vendor/plugins/daub_engine/app/views/daub_test/index.rhtml)
with no layout.

I tracked it down and found deep in
actionpack-1.11.2/lib/action_controller/layout.rb the method
active_layout is returning nil. In my default controller it returns
‘application’. Turns out that
self.class.read_inheritable_attribute(“layout”) is not returning
‘application’ for my enging views. Not sure why that is.

Not one to be to discouraged, I added the line “layout ‘application’”
to my engine controller. This successfully forced it to render my
view with the application layout. Unfortunately, my default
application helpers (app/helpers/application_helper.rb) are not being
loaded and I get an error that they are undefined methods.

At this point, I decided to turn to the mailing list and see if anyone
can help shed some light on this problem.