Engines And Controller Modules

I’ve been using engines over the weekend and have been very pleased
with my smaller test apps. But I’m now trying a more complex app and
running into some issues. This app uses the controller modules, I.E.

class Admin::UsersController < ApplicationController

So the views are in app/views/admin/users.

With engines the site functions properly until it needs to go into an
Admin controller. Then it says it can’t find the view. So it seems
to me it no longer looks in the engine for the view, but tries to find
it locally. Anybody know of a fix for this?


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Sure enough, that made it so the views would load, but it killed
overriding. This is the only thing I can’t manage to get working. I
looked in template.rb to see if I could figure out what was happening,
but nothing I send to the logs show up, so it seems it’s not even
being hit.

Anybody have any ideas?