Engine Not Starting

I’ve used login_engine successfully before with webrick, and now using a
provider that uses fcgi. login_engine doesn’t seem to start up, in the
development log file, I get only routing errors for the page requested.
The login_engine unit tests pass fine.

My question is if an engine is not loaded, not in a path, etc, how is
this indicated in rails? None of the log files even indicate that it’s
trying to start the LoginEngine.

Since I’ve had no problem in the past, I’m assuming this is some sort of
fcgi issue, but not sure how to even start troubleshooting it. Any help
would be appreciated.

Application helper:
module ApplicationHelper
include LoginEngine

Environment.rb (bottom)

module LoginEngine
config :salt, “mysalt”
config :use_email_notification, false

Engines.start :login_engine

Application Controller:
require ‘login_engine’

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
include LoginEngine
helper :user
model :user

before_filter :login_required


Hey Joe -

not sure if we’re experiencing the same problems, but since upping
to 1.1.4 the login_engine is failing (infinite redirects, login never
succeeds, etc.).

I’m not sure, but it looks like this ticket may be the ‘ticket’ - but
alas the current patch doesn’t work for me,



As indicated on the ticket, I’m looking for debug logs to help me
track this down (thanks for yours, Jodi). If you’re experiencing a
problem with Rails 1.1.4, please follow the instructions there.

In the meantime, stick with Rails 1.1.2 if you can.

  • james

Can y’all having trouble with Rails 1.1.4 please try updating to the
latest version of the Engines 1.1 release branch (revision 4
405)? This can be done by either:

(if you’re already on the release branch)
svn up vendor/plugins/engines

(if you’re not)
cd vendor/plugins
rm -fr engines
svn co http://svn.rails-engines.org/engines/branches/rb_1.1

Please leave feedback on Ticket #180 as per usual.



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