Engine_javascript and engine_stylesheet broken

engine_javascript and engine_stylesheet are broken in that you can’t
order the stylesheets and javascripts, .css and .js are
always first, which breaks cascading and javascripts that rely on

So you have to either do

engine_stylesheet , ‘basic_style’, ‘real__style’

or similar…

engine_stylesheet and engine_javascriopt should at least look for
later in the sources and not automatically create the first one
if it is found.

changing action_view_extensions.rb (line 129) to:

if defined?(RAILS_ROOT) && File.exists?(File.join(RAILS_ROOT, “public”,
“#{default}.#{ext}”)) && sources.index(engine_name) == nil

(added “&& sources.index(engine_name) == nil” )

fixes this problem (assuming no case issues).

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