Engine install problems with OS X

I have everything installed via Darwin ports. When I try to do a
“script/plugin install engines” in a freshly created rails app I get
the following:

Macintosh:~/My Web S.s/nckapool bill$ script/plugin install engines
svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/rails/plugins’
svn: PROPFIND of ‘/rails/plugins’: 403 Forbidden (http://
svn: PROPFIND request failed on ‘/public/plugins’
svn: PROPFIND of ‘/public/plugins’: Could not resolve hostname
`svn.substance-it.co.uk’: No address associated with nodename (http://
export: Create an unversioned copy of a tree.
usage: 1. export [-r REV] URL[@PEGREV] [PATH]
2. export [-r REV] PATH1[@PEGREV] [PATH2]

  1. Exports a clean directory tree from the repository specified by
    URL, at revision REV if it is given, otherwise at HEAD, into
    PATH. If PATH is omitted, the last component of the URL is used
    for the local directory name.

  2. Exports a clean directory tree from the working copy specified by
    PATH1, at revision REV if it is given, otherwise at WORKING, into
    PATH2. If PATH2 is omitted, the last component of the PATH1 is
    for the local directory name. If REV is not specified, all local
    changes will be preserved. Files not under version control will
    not be copied.

If specified, PEGREV determines in which revision the target is first
looked up.

Valid options:
-r [–revision] arg : ARG (some commands also take ARG1:ARG2
A revision argument can be one of:
NUMBER revision number
“{” DATE “}” revision at start of
the date
“HEAD” latest in repository
“BASE” base rev of item’s
working copy
“COMMITTED” last commit at or
before BASE
“PREV” revision just before
-q [–quiet] : print as little as possible
-N [–non-recursive] : operate on single directory only
–force : force operation to run
–username arg : specify a username ARG
–password arg : specify a password ARG
–no-auth-cache : do not cache authentication tokens
–non-interactive : do no interactive prompting
–config-dir arg : read user configuration files from
directory ARG
–native-eol arg : use a different EOL marker than the
system marker for files with the
property set to ‘native’.
ARG may be one of ‘LF’, ‘CR’, ‘CRLF’
–ignore-externals : ignore externals definitions

So it looks like the command line arguments passed to svn are not
kosher. Subversion command-line client, version 1.3.0.

Anyone have any ideas?

  • Bill

Hi Bill -

Sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you. It does indeed look like
something is wrong with the syntax that the plugin installer is using
in conjunction with your version of SVN. I can only suggest that you
downgrade your SVN. I’m running version 1.1.3 without any issues.

  • james

You certainly don’t need to use the script/plugin command to use
plugins or engines - if you’re comfortable with SVN you can check out
files for yourself:

svn co http://opensvn.csie.org/rails_engines/engines/branches/rb_1.0
cd vendor/plugins/engines
svn update

… and so on. Ditto for any plugin. I’m not sure what the exact root
of the problem is with the plugin command - it might be worth
peppering your copy with puts statements, in particular to see the
syntax it is using with svn export, and figure out why it’s having
problems with your version of SVN.

  • james

Is the plugin installer dependant on particular levels of SVN? I’d
really like to try the engines technology, but I’m getting exactly the
same error on my Tiger OS X system. I’d hate to think all us Mac folks
are going to need to downgrade SVN levels…

Thanks in advance

  • Jonathan


Thanks for the prompt response. I was afraid you might suggest using SVN
(I’m an old CVS user)!

However, by running the plugin script from inside a Locomotive
environment I got it to work :slight_smile:

So, I guess I have a self inflicted search path problem :frowning:

Well, having downloaded the engines I off try using them…

  • Jonathan

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