Engine creation questions

After reading ?Extracting Engines? I had a few questions
about releasing an engine and I couldn?t find any
documentation on the site.

After finishing the creation of an engine, and you want to
release it to the public (on the rails-engines website)
who do you contact to make that happen?

Where do public engines get stored? Our own server or the
rails-engines server? Is there any special setup on the
server that is required to store an engine?
A step-by-step would be great as a link off of the
?Extracting Engines? page.

What steps are involved to release an in-house engine?
i.e. An engine that won?t be publicly released but will be
used in a small development team.

Do you have it stored on a local server? How (or can) you
specify the URL in which you install an engine from? I?m
just thinking that specifying where you get the engine
from might solve the LAN engine question.


Remember, an engine is just like any other plugin, so the guidelines
for distributing them would be the same.

Generally plugins (and therefore engines) would be served from a
subversion server, but any mechanism that script/plugin can understand
will work (eg. http).

Engines to be used in your other apps can be setup as svn:externals in
those apps.

svn propedit svn:externals vendor/plugins
my_engine svn+ssh://my.svn.server/path/to/my_engine/trunk

The subversion protocol can be svn, svn+ssh, or http.




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