Encryption using ruby

Herewith I have given code of perl encryption and decryption . If i give
123 as
no,the perl , encrypted the data and give it to us.How to do this in
ruby.But If i give 123,the ruby should encrypt the data . The encrypted
data should be same what perl has given.

use Crypt;
print “enter the normal pin\n”;
$entered_pin = ;
chomp ( $entered_pin );
my $EPin = Crypt::Encrypt ( $entered_pin );
print “Encrypted pin is : $EPin\n\n\n”;
print “enter the encrypted pin\n”;
$entered_pin = ;
chomp ( $entered_pin );

chomp ( $entered_pin );
for ($i=0; $i<=9999; $i++) {
$pin = sprintf("%04d", $i);
$ret = Crypt::Decrypt ($pin, $entered_pin);
if ($ret == 0) {
print “The Pin is $pin\n”;

Please see my answer at Perl Encrypt / Ruby Decrypt - Ruby - Ruby-Forum where
exactly the same question was answered, but the OP didn’t bother to

Here you have posted a bit more code. This shows that no decryption is
taking place at all; rather, the Perl is trying all possible PINs until
it stumbles on the correct one (AKA a “brute-force attack”)

Anyway, you just need to look at either the documentation for the perl
Crypt::Encrypt function you are using to find out what sort of hashing
it is doing, or probably easier, look at the Perl source and
re-implement in Ruby.