Encryption error

I’m using authlogic. On my local machine everything runs fine, but on
my production server it’s giving me an error, telling me that
crypted_password can’t be null when I try and create the admin user. I
look at the error and notice that everything that’s supposed to be
encrypted or use a generated token is NULL.

Mysql::Error: Column ‘crypted_password’ cannot be null: INSERT INTO
users (created_at, crypted_password, role_id,
current_login_ip, password_salt, persistence_token,
last_login_ip, login, email) VALUES(‘2009-03-16 00:28:44’, NULL,
1, ‘’, NULL, NULL, ‘’, ‘admin’, ‘[email protected]’)

Error fixed. I was using restful auth before and switched over to
authlogic, but forgot to remove some code that restful auth put in my
User model.

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