Encrypting data using Blowfish/cbc

I need to encrypt/decrypt some data in my application. I downloaded
crypt-1.1.4.zip and installed it successfully. But when I run a simple
test program, I get the following error:

C:/Dev/InstantRails/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/crypt/cbc.rb:31:in `encrypt_stream': undefined method `write' for "":String (NoMethodError) from testcrypt.rb:8

Program is very simple:

require 'crypt/blowfish' tkey = '12345' tblow = Crypt::Blowfish.new(tkey) testblock = 'abcdeft12345' testcrypt = '' tblow.encrypt_stream(testblock,testcrypt) tblow.decrypt_stream(testcrypt,testdecrypt) puts testblock, testdecrypt

Crypt::Blowfihs mixes in Crypt::CBC which requires ‘stringio’, which
is where I’m guessing the write method should be.

Any pointers as to what I’m doing wrong here?

Thanks much…jon

That means it’s expecting ‘stream’ access, while you’re passing it a
string – I ran into the same problem, researched it, and finally gave

Now I use Pelle Braendgaard’s EzCrypto module:
gem install ezcrypto


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