Encrypt passwords in the database


I know that there is a way to encrypt passwords, but what would be the
For example you have 2 functions in php. You use them by calling:


But is there a similar way in ruby on rails?

You can use one of the Ruby digest package:

For example, if you want to digest a password with SHA 512:

require ‘digest/sha2’

Digest::SHA2.hexdigest(‘password’, 512)


Franco C…

Thanks. I looked at it, but could not understand it. I will use md5
because I also use it in my PHP-applications, and I can therefore use
the same data without reset users passwords and so on. Can I do that
and how?

Is the same thing:

require ‘digest’


You need to know how to read an API, you must use it every day … The
“always open” are:

http://www.ruby-doc.org/core/ and http://api.rubyonrails.org/

Expend a while figuring it out.


Franco C…

Thanks that helped

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