Encoding problems, applying a patch, how to?

So, i’m facing issues with encoding, since I need to write an
application in portuguese-brazilian.

This is the error i’m getting: “incompatible character encodings:

The curious thing is that i have a few other views with “special”
characters, like Á or Ç, and all of them works. I have saved this view
using the UTF-8 char encoding and also, as you can see, added the
#enconding: UTF-8 comment in the top of the code. The yes_or_no method
returns both words “Sim” or “Não”, but that actually works, since I
added the enconding comment. I recently added the word “Descrição” to
the view itself, and the word “Próximo” to the will_paginate method at
the bottom, and both fires the same error.

So, I found a patch over the internet wich is supposed to fix it, but
i really don’t know how to apply it. So, first, where do I have to
place the patch file, and then, what code should I use to run the

here is the view code, in case anybody can help me in another way:

<% # encoding: UTF-8



<%= link_to "New Project", :action => "edit" %>

<% if flash[:notice] %>

<%= flash[:notice] %>

<% end %> <% @projects.each do |project| %> <% end %>
Name Descrição Ativo Acoes
<%= project.name %> <%= project.description %> <%= yes_or_no?(project.active?) %> <%= link_to 'Editar', { :action=> :edit , :id => project.id } %> <%= link_to 'Apagar', { :action=> :delete, :id => project.id}, :confirm => "Tem certeza?" %>
<%= will_paginate @projects, {:previous_label => "", :next_label => "Próximo" } %>

please, any light?

I’m having the same exact problem - I’m developing an app in french.
Let me know if you figure out how to apply the patch and I’ll do the


oh actually someone replied to my post:


I’ll try the suggestion out and hopefully have some luck.