Encoding-differences in mysql/ruby-bindings and mysql/native

Hi, List,

after testing my current project on EdgeRails I’ve realised that the
connections to mysql gets lost. This is while I’m on Windows Server
2003, ruby 1.8.2 and EdgeRails. I’ve experienced these connection losses
some time ago after updating to Rails 1.0rc4 and got around it by
commenting out a line containing mysql411 in mysql_adapert.rb. But this
don’t seem to be the problem any longer in EdgeRails since this line
isn’t present in the current mysql_adapter.rb of trunk. So I decided to
give the native-mysql bindings another try. Something I gave up on the
last time I’ve experienced this problem because of the difficulties that
are coming with the compiling of mysql-2.7 on windows. Anyway: This time
I’ve compiled my own version of mysql.so and also tried the one that
comes with “Ruby on Apache”.

My problem now is that connection to mysql works again, but while I’m
retrieving, updating or inserting records to mysql 5.0 tables with
encoding of utf-8 my actions result in incorrect encodings. Accented
characters and other special characters are broken because of this. The
mysql/ruby-bindings didn’t have this problem. Has anyone run into this
and could give me a clue what is going on here?

Jan P.