Enabling sessions for flash only?

I turned off sessions because I don’t need them, and because thousands
of files were getting
created in tmp. But now flash[:yada] doesn’t work. I presume that flash
uses sessions. Is there a
way to enabled sessions for flash only?

I also notice that ruby session files are still getting created in /tmp,
though far fewer (about 2
doz). Why are they still getting created? They don’t contain anything ("
hash{) anyway.


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Hmm, if I put this in the app controller:

session :off

and this in the item controller:

session :off, :except=>%w(alpha bravo)

It doesn’t work, but just this in the app controller does allow flash to
work (since those two
actions use it):

session :off, :except=>%w(alpha bravo)

Is there a way to specify the controller in :except/:only?


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