Embedded javascript or css within ajax page not showing


I am trying to use javascript and css within an ajax
loaded page, but they don’t seem to get loaded. I
have searched thru the archives and can’t find any
help on this.

For example, I have some page specific scripts that I
put at the top of an ajax page within

, and use a stylesheet link tag.

These are specific to these ajax pages.

If I load these pages within an iframe, or on their
own, they work fine, but loaded as ajax portions of a
page, these elements done’t even show up according to
Firefox DOM inspector.

I am guessing there is some security reason for this,
is there any way to get this to work? I know I could
put this in the main page, but I would have to load
all scripts and css for all ajax portions of the page
which seems like a waste.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks ahead of time.