Emailing: lots of recipients + individual mails/attachments

Hi there!

What emailing solution (plugin, gem, script) can you suggest for the
following situation:

  • mails to a lot of people (“mass” mailing)
  • recipients can have 1 or more attachments (various formats)
  • attachments are individual files (with individual file names)
  • recipients get individual mails (100% individual content, not just
    standard text with personalized greetings)

I have found the following script, but it seems to be made for the case

  • everybody gets the exact same email
  • emails have no attachments

Can you help me with this?

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

I don’t understand your question, are you trying to find a way to mass
mail people unique messages with unique attachments?

Yes, that’s exactly what I need to do!

(I have all these user_ids, message_ids, attachment_ids stored in an

I would be glad if you guys could let me know what solution you can
suggest for such a case - thanks a lot!

Thanks, it seems to handle the “mass” part in my problem.

Has anyone an idea how to handle the “individual” mail
content/attachment part?

apparently ar_mailer-batch works well, but i don’t know if it will do
what you need it to… you might have to hack it