Email not getting deleted on server [Net::POP3]


I created a rake task to fetch email from Gmail’s server using
Net::POP3. Everything works, except the messages are not getting
deleted. Here’s my code:

task :receive => :environment do
require ‘net/pop’
pop =‘localhost’, 42) # localhost:42 is because of
pop.start(’[myaddress]’, ‘[mypassword]’)
unless pop.mails.empty?
pop.delete_all do |m|

I also changed delete_all to each_mail and added “m.delete” after the
StuffMailer line, which still did not work. I also tried Net::IMAP,
but I kept getting “unexpected token ATOM (expected SPACE)” errors.

How can I resolve this problem -or- how can I resolve the IMAP error?
Thank you.

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