Effect.Appear prevents links from working in firefox

Hi all,

I tried registering this as a bug on the scriptaculous site, but it
appears that their bug tracker isn’t working.

Just thought I’d post this problem + solution in case any other poor sap
like me comes across the problem.

Problem: Effect.Appear prevents links from working in firefox when link
is in floated div that is underneath a div in the page that the function
is making appear.

Oof. That was a mouthful.

Here, this’ll make it clearer. I’ve put a test page here to demonstrate:

I’m not sure if this is a scriptaculous issue or a firefox bug, but if
the latter perhaps there may be a workaround that can be done in the
scriptaculous code.

As described in the test page, the problem can be avoided by using
's to mark off the section to appear instead of


Hope this helps somebody. I wish I could get the last 3 hours of my life
back. :slight_smile:

Damn, I spoke too soon. Using spans lets the links continue to work but
the effect no longer works. Guess it’s back to using
s to place
the floating div above the Effect.Appear-ing divs.