Editor Support For Ruby

I’m exploring the editor support for Ruby and I found that Visual Studio with Ruby Solargraph extension is the best for my needs so far…

Are there any other editors+plugins out there that should be considered? I will consider anything except Emacs… I just can’t muster the energy to grasp Emacs.

I wrote my own editor in Ruby (Gladiator) via Glimmer, but I wouldn’t advise you using it. It’s the Ugliest Text Editor Ever!™ It’s just a proof of concept and got the bare minimum features I need. That said, I use it for all my projects nowadays and am quite content with its limited set of features and idiosyncracies.

I guess my point is for you to write your own editor in Ruby too to answer your own question. May I suggest using Glimmer for that too? I’d be curious what others might come up with using it. I’m the author of that Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library by the way.