Editing FlexImage - image required?

I am trying to edit a model with a fleximage. I can create the model
with out the image by adding:
self.require_image_data = false

But once a user has added an image they can only upload new images not
remove the image. When I try to set the model.data = nil
I get the following error:
Exception in edit_module: /var/www/ica/html/trunk/public/…/config/…/
vendor/plugins/flex_image/lib/flex_image/model.rb:161:in `data='n

Obviously it is failing in the data.size >0 line in the data= method.
But shouldn’t the require_image_data=false fix that. I mean how is it
creating models without images. I looked in the log and the sql is
setting data = NULL. I tried that in the controller and it failed.

Any Ideas on what I should do?

Thanks, K

Still need help with this. Is it just so easy? I would love some help.