EdgeRails: Cannot connect to mysql

I made a project with the rails script in edgerails, and then tryed to
generate a scaffold. It doesn’t connect to the database. The user seems
emty. I have just used the standard root@localhost but it says can’t
connect to @localhost (no pass used).

I tryed to look into the mysql adapter script, and see that everthing
seems k, but somehow the ‘user’ doesn’t seem to set itself to root
default (setting the user as root doesn’t help). I see that the adapter
automaticly sets the root user if no user is defined. But somehow that
config var doesn’t reach the final connection.

Everything works okee with the stable trunk b.t.w. and I just updated

b.t.w. where does all the egderails discussion take place? can’t xs
#rails-core and didn’t find much discussion in rails-core mailing

(to be clear :slight_smile: I use rails stable trunk for development but would like
to dig into rails so I can help modify and improve rails…).

If you do an active record find_by_sql query… is there a way to get
columns/values in the order that they were specified in the query?

The activerecord.column_names returns them in alphabetical order.
The activerecord.attributes.keys returns in a random order.

Any other approaches I could take?

Thanks for any help on this.