EdgeRails/BetaGems *outside* application

I am developing a script to generate an application, and I have Rails
1.1.6 installed. I now want to regenerate it with EdgeRails (or near
enough to).
I can’t use the vendor folder because I want Rails to be outside the
The Beta Gems server is out of date, and I don’t know how to switch to
the trunk version I’ve got from svn due to the different folder
structure, without upsetting the stable install.

  1. Will BetaGems be updated soon ? Its reporting rails version

  2. I’ve got EdgeRails - how do I use it eg. when I type "rails
    " knowing that it won’t try to use my older rails and gems ? Do
    I just make the leap to only Edge Rails ?

I’m on Windows and I’m trying to test my update to the SQL Server
adapter !

Many thanks,


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