Edge rails a memory hog?

I just recently upgraded my app to use edge rails and I immediately
started hitting the TextDrive memory limits of 48MBs resident memory
per fcgi. This was never a problem for me in the past. So, I finally
decided to downgrade my app back to 1.1.6 and the memory usage is much
lower per fcgi.

As a completely non-scientific example, on edge rails, within 1-2
requests I could get the memory to jump from ~40 MBs to ~46MBs by just
querying for 10 results.

On 1.1.6, the memory starts out closer to 33MBs per fcgi and will rise
to ~38MBs after 1-2 requests.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? I have also verified this on the
1-1-pre-release branch.


Tom D.


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