Edge (2.3.0) session_domain cookies problem

I am working on a project that uses subdomain keyed accounts.
Everything works great (using SubdomainFu for much of that heavly
lifting) until I get to storing sessions across the subdomains. I want
the entire site to share cookies, such as the auth_token from

I’ve read numerous blog posts regarding this setup, and everyone seems
to say that if you set the session_domain everything should work fine:

ActionController::Base.session_options[:session_domain] =

I’ve also tried:
ActionController::Base.session_options[:session_domain] =

And what seems to be an older method:
(:session_domain => “.equvents.local”)

The trouble is, this isn’t having any effect on the domain my app
stores cookies for. The cookies are still getting set individually for
www.equvents.local, testaccount.equvents.local, equvents.local, etc.

What am I missing?

Thanks so much for your help!
Les Freeman

It appears that, at least in Edge 2.3.0, you no longer
use :session_domain, but just :domain:

config.action_controller.session = {
:domain => “.equvents.local”

I’ve not fully tested yet, but things seem to be working so far.
Hopefully this will save someone else some hair pulling.