Ecommerce digital products using ROR

Hello list,

I have been searching the web for an open source project that does
ecommerce for digital products (ebooks, music etc). I haven’t found
anything as of yet. I am wondering if anyone knows of any open source
ecommerce projects that can deal with digital products.

I looked into substruct. I have glanced over the books that do have
ecommerce in them but I didn’t see anything. I could have very well
missed something :-D.

If you all have any wisdom for me that would be most helpful!

Thanks so much,

Anybody have anything on this?



I’ve used Substruct in production and I wouldn’t use it again. I
don’t often post negatively about someone else’s project but I had
found a bug in the shopping cart process that displayed a mis leading
message to the user if they added the same item twice. After I
figured out that commenting out a line of code that I didn’t need the
problem went away (the line of code checked to see if the price had
changed since the item was put in the cart and my prices don’t change
that often). I shared this on the substruct mailing list and
basically what I got back was that I shouldn’t comment out that line
because its needed. No more detail than that and no offer to help
resolve the issue. It did support digital goods though but it did
other things I didn’t want like require you to store credit cards in
the database. I just came across Spree recently (
and I thought I would check it out for the next ecommerce site I do.

Sweet thanks mate!

That helps.

I am looking at substruct and I haven’t heard anything positive or
negative until now.

Thanks again. Anyone else have anything?

On Apr 6, 1:33 pm, “randomutterings…” [email protected]

I also looked at the Spree site recently and was impressed.


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