Eclipse setup


I’m posting this on behalf of Maarten, who can’t subscribe at the
moment due to codehaus problems, it seems.

From: Maarten M.
Subject: Eclipse setup

Hello, I am trying to reach the following setup:

  • A jRuby on Rails project that uses Java code and ServletContainer
    extensively, I cannot run it into a mongrel or webbrick instance and
    then deploy under a Java Server. It needs to run under a Java
    Container during development and auto-publish any changes made.
  • Using Tomcat as that Java contianer
  • Using Eclipse to make sure any changes I make are automatically
    deployed to Tomcat.

I tried the following:

But I’m kind of hazy as to how I actually configure this web.xml.

So I decided to use the web.xml that is deployed by warbler on my
project, and I created a WEB-INF folder as the blog post suggests,
with a lib/ directory carrying the jruby-rack.jar

I now get:

SEVERE: Error configuring application listener of class
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/ServletContextListener

When trying to start the Tomcat server.
I think this is a configuration issue, why would Tomcat need an extra
link to reach javax.servlet.* ?

Also, I’m pretty sure this won’t give me auto-publishing yet… Has
anyone set up a system like this in Eclipse before?



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