Eclipse doesnt execute, Ruby 2.2.0 with rvm and third party gem


I wish to use opengl with Ruby 2.2.0 and Eclipse Kepler with dltk
installed. My System is
Linux Mint LDME. I use rvm.

rvm info prints:

I can run the opengl examples from the terminal.

In Eclipse the path to the interpreter executable is set to

Eclipse runs:

require ‘mathn’
print ‘hallo’

but fails to run:

require ‘opengl’

with this output:

How do i set up Eclipse to find my gems?


Problem Solved. I added
/home/m/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.2.0/gems/opengl-0.9.2/lib/ as external Source

This solution seems like a workaround. Is there a better way to solve
this problem for all gems and projects maybe?

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