Ebuild for GNU Radio for Gentoo users

For any Gentoo users out there I’ve created a couple of ebuilds to
install GNU Radio and, more importantly, its dependencies.

The 3.0.2 tarball based ebuild has been submitted to the Gentoo project
and can be found attached to the request at:

I have only tested this on x86 and used the check cases to verify a
correct build. It would be great if someone with a real USRP would
verify that the build is performed correctly. You can enable these
dependencies with the package local USE flag ‘usrp’.

For those interested in building the latest from subversion I’ve created
an ebuild for that on my own host.

You can either use the ebuild directly from:

or follow the instruction to set up an overlay I created with both
gnuradio-3.0.2 and gnuradio-svn:

I will add instructions to the GNU Radio wiki shortly. Let me know if
anyone has any problems or can verify the build is successful on other


This is good news. I was wondering when something like this would

Thanks again,