Easy auditing plugin?

I’m looking for a way to generate some sort of logging/auditing of
various events in my application, such as:

  • user logged in
  • user logged out
  • user clicked on a certain link
  • password attempt was wrong

etc. For each, a numeric code along with some data (i.e. the username)
would be great. Or even some sort of hash stored in the data field
would be good. Another table could link the ID to a user friendly
description, severity and event type for display.

I’d then present the admin a view of this by using find() with the
parameter of the chosen event, or all events, etc.

I could code it up myself but is there already something out there that
can do this for me?


acts_as_versioned will audit/log changes to the actual records. If you
the LoginEngine, this would at least capture when someone logged on.

It doesn’t meet the rest of your requirements, but maybe you could look
the code and determine if it is easier to adopt this than it is to
from scratch.



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